Architectural & Civil Design

CDS Engineering provides architectural designs conforming to both local and global Data Centre regulations and standards in order to ensure safety and operational efficiency

Architectural & Civil Design

Architectural Design as per applicable standards is the first step towards building a state-of-art Data Centre, and is critical for ensuring conformance to regulations, safety and operational efficiency.

CDS Architectural Design typically constitutes the following scope of work:

  • Design of Data Centre general layout  such as Technical Rooms, Entrance Room, Open area, Wall space, fire rated Doors, windows etc.
  • Design of Ceiling Construction and Specification of Ceiling height,
  • Design of rooms which have to be physically separate from the Data Centre.
  • Specification of floors, walls and ceiling such as anti-static, fire rated properties.
  • Design of Lighting fixtures and emergency lighting,
  • Exterior bearing walls.
  • Interior bearing walls.
  • Interior computer room partition walls.
  • Shaft enclosures.
  • Floors and floor-ceilings.
  • Roofs and roof-ceilings.
  • Multiple building entrances with security checkpoints.
  • Floors and Floor panel construction.
  • Under structure.
  • Doors and windows (Fire rating, Door Size).
  • Exterior non-bearing walls.
  • Interior non-computer room partition walls.

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